Industry Case Studies

Innovation Through Design: Think, Make, Break, Repeat

Watch the extended Director’s Cut produced for the online course Innovation Through Design. Featuring interviews with designers from Atlassian, Design+Industry and Wunderman Bienalto, the 5-part mini series unpacks the role of design for innovation and documents the think-make-break steps of a human-centred design process. The final episode offers tips for aspiring designers about working in the design industry.

Creative Thinking and Innovation

This 3-part mini series features interviews with industry experts working at Google and IBM. The first part unpacks what creativity means and how it is used in practice. The second part discusses the role of innovation and how project teams apply creative techniques to drive innovation. In the third and final part, the industry experts share tips about how to bring creativity and innovation to projects.


In this short video, lead author of the book, Martin Tomitsch, explains the role of prototyping in a design process.

Scenario-based Thinking

Watch this video to learn about scenario-based thinking – when and why it is used and how it has been applied to explore post-pandemic societal systems.