The handbook introduces the reader to the changing role of design as a way of thinking and a framework for solving complex problems and achieving systemic change. It documents 80 methods that cover all stages of a design process, providing actionable guidance for applying the methods across a range of projects.

The methods are complemented by seven case studies to demonstrate their application in different domains, from designing interfaces for autonomous vehicles to addressing health and wellbeing.

Free templates and resources available from this website make this a great resource for design educators as well as practitioners leading workshops in their organisation or looking for inspiration to transform their practice.

The first edition of the book was published in 2018 and included 60 methods. The revised edition, published in 2021, documents 20 additional methods, new case studies and a new chapter on life-centred design.

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Tomitsch, M., Borthwick, M., Ahmadpour, N., Cooper, C., Frawley, J., Hepburn, L.A., Kocaballi, A.B., Loke, L., Núñez-Pacheco, C., Straker, K., Wrigley, C. (2021). Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat. A Handbook of Methods (revised ed.). BIS Publishers.



Tomitsch, M., M. Borthwick, N. Ahmadpour, C. Cooper, J. Frawley, L.A. Hepburn, A.B.Kocaballi, L. Loke, C. Núñez-Pacheco, K. Straker, and C. Wrigley. Design. Think. Make. Break. Repeat. A Handbook of Methods. Revised ed. Amsterdam: BIS, 2020.

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Project leads: Martin Tomitsch, Madeleine Borthwick

Methods contributors: Naseem Ahmadpour, Madeleine Borthwick, Clare Cooper, Jessica Frawley, Joel Fredericks, Alex Garrett, Phil Gough, Raphael Hammel, Hamish Henderson, Leigh-Anne Hepburn, A. Baki Kocaballi, Lian Loke, Claudia Núñez-Pacheco, George Peppou, Dagmar Reinhardt, Karla Straker, Manuela Taboada, Martin Tomitsch, Cara Wrigley

Copy editing: Verity Borthwick

Layout and graphic design: Matthew Fehlberg, Soomin Lee, Annet Venema

Sketches: Nikash Singh

Diagrams: Baki Kocaballi

Cover design: Madeleine Borthwick, Nikash Singh

Book production: BIS Publishers

Case study video production: DMC Digital

Miro template designers: Rachel Montgomery, Amelia Zaiane