Innovation Through Design:
Think, Make, Break, Repeat

Join more than 100,000 learners on a journey of discovery. This popular self-paced online course, hosted by Coursera and produced by the University of Sydney, shows how to bring design thinking into your work, whether you are working as a designer, aspiring to become a designer, or working in an entirely different field.

The course is based on the book Design Think Make Break Repeat and structured in five modules. Through videos and exercises, some of the authors of the book demonstrate how to apply the think-make-break-repeat process to any project. The content is brought to life through a mini series exclusively produced for the online course in which designers from Atlassian, Design+Industry and Wunderman Bienalto share their insights.


Creative Thinking and Innovation

Hear from some of our book authors, including Martin Tomitsch and Madeleine Borthwick, about how to embrace and practice creativity. This self-paced online course debunks the myth that you need to be born with the skills to be creative. Short exercises invite you to look for opportunities in your daily life and work to be creative and to come up with innovative ideas.

The course explores how the success of Pixar and Nobel Prizes winners is linked to creative thinking and innovation. It also features industry case studies with industry experts from IBM and Google, who share how they use creativity and innovation in their work – from designing sustainability dashboards to using AI to protect the Great Barrier Reef.

The course is delivered with the assistance of the team at INCUBATE – The University of Sydney’s Flagship Startup Program.